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‘Millennial Moms’ – The Consumer, Every Brand is Seeking Today!

There were moms, and now there are millennial moms, a clan that is radically changing the way a traditional mother was perceived. In most...

Genuine Advocacy Can Be Your Way to Gain Back the Consumer Trust.

Somewhere in the rigmarole of meeting marketing objectives and making profits, companies forget the underlying purpose of why they exist. This carelessness often causes...

The Difference between an Influencer and an Advocate?

Digital marketing has made the world a global market space, wherein, there co-exist a number of brands that are competing to catch the attention...

What are the Psychological Triggers that Generate Word of Mouth Marketing For a brand?

Word of Mouth (WOM) has been one of the oldest forms of marketing that we have known. In spite of being a traditional form...

Is User Generated Content(UGC) Your New Marketing Mantra Yet?

The world of internet and the growth of social media, introduced the new marketing buzzword, user generated content (UGC). Gone are the days when...


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