Is User Generated Content(UGC) Your New Marketing Mantra Yet?


The world of internet and the growth of social media, introduced the new marketing buzzword, user generated content (UGC). Gone are the days when people buy products because a certain celebrity endorses it. Brands today are seen as experiences that users have and love to share. The new-age businesses are tailoring their marketing plans to accommodate brand advocates who compliment the marketing campaigns by promoting a brand, product or service through word of mouth referrals and through user generated content (UGC).

So, what is user generated Content?

User generated content is any content that has been created by the users and fans of the product or service. The content can be in the form of pictures, videos, testimonials, blogs, tweets and so on. UGC is created by the users because of their positive experience and relationship with the brand. Hence, it is a promotion that is considered far more genuine than advertisements done by the brand itself.

For the modern consumer, UGC is good indicator of the brand’s quality and credibility thereby being an influencer to induce trial for a product or service.

One of the classic examples that reiterates the power of UGC content is the “share a coke” campaign by Coca Cola. The company introduced personalized bottles wherein the bottles would have the name of the consumer printed on it. Customers were encouraged to take a picture of themselves with their personalized bottles, making the customer the advertiser himself. The result – A successful campaign for Coca Cola that truly stood out in clutter of celebrity endorsements that most beverages indulge in.

What Can UGC do For Your Brand?

Is it just another one of those marketing jargons or a one-off marketing tactic? Will it work for your brand as well as it did for another? Well, the questions in your head can be many, but we are attempting here to bring out the blaring benefits of UGC that are make it the need of the hour for every brand:

  • Adds credibility and authenticity to your brand: Consumers today are not passive and do not merely rely on advertisements and billboards to make their purchase decisions. Especially in the online world, when paid reviews are becoming rampant, brand advocates creating user generated content, adds another dimension to your content marketing strategy. Reviews, pictures, videos and tweets coming from real users who are amongst family and friends; carry a lot more weightage than celebrities and social media influencers.
  • Better Brand Engagement: Using the right mix of marketing and advertising along with user generated content can enhance brand engagement by 28%. This brand engagement is what helps in making your brand stand out in the otherwise brand cluttered market. With limited resources and slashed marketing budgets, marketers often find it a challenge to get creative with content that goes out on their social media channels. User generated content is one of the best ways to get creative content out, without causing a dent on your marketing budget.
  • Get Real Conversations: For years, marketers have struggled to find ways that would strike the right chord with the target consumers and get them talking. The consumer of today has a voice and wants to be heard. Marketers who can use this voice manage to get great conversations for the brand which works more than any advertising campaigns and yields a much higher ROI.

In a marketspace that is driven by severe attention crisis, user generate content is a great way to catch attention of your users through your real brand heroes, i.e. your brand advocates. It requires certain detailing and strategizing to get your brand advocates talking about your offerings, and that is a task a good brand advocacy agency can do for you.

If you think, user generated content is just what your brand needs at this point and are looking for a brand advocacy agency in India, then WOOP is the perfect platform for you.



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