‘Millennial Moms’ – The Consumer, Every Brand is Seeking Today!


There were moms, and now there are millennial moms, a clan that is radically changing the way a traditional mother was perceived. In most households, a mother is an integral part of every purchase decision, be it big or small. The involvement of moms in the buying process make them an important target audience that every marketer wants to reach out to.

Who are Millennial Moms?

Technically, millennials are categorized as people born between 1981-1997. With this segmentation, one can say that the millennials have grown up to having kids, giving rise to a new target audience for every marketer i.e. the millennial moms. Almost 1 out of every 5 new moms is a millennial mom, which is a significantly large audience for brands to cater to.

These millennial moms are a powerful lot of women, who are independent and have purchasing power along with the influence. Contrary to the Generation X mom or the baby boomer moms who were primarily a part of the working groups, the millennial moms are far more enterprising and independent. According to various researches that have been done on understanding the millennial moms, it is interesting to note that about 55% of the millennial moms are involved in purchase decisions for their family. If a brand or a segment is not doing targeted efforts towards catering to this group, it could mean a significant loss in consumer base that could cost a business dearly.

Finding Nodes That Connect Millennial Moms to Brands!

The millennial moms are a lot more digitally and technically savvy as compared to their former counterparts. Almost every 1 out of 5 millennial moms are likely to have a blog of their own, with a good following, making them highly influential social beings. Pictures, videos, reviews etc. are not new to them, and are very likely to get their attention as far as brands and products are concerned. Here are some of the basic psychological parameters, that drive brand connects for the millennial moms:

  1. They are constantly striving at ‘safeguarding’ their kids: Like every other mom, for a millennial mom, kids come first. In the world, where adulteration is everywhere, safety of family and kids is paramount to these moms. BPA, Parabens, Preservatives, Additives, Plastic, Lead are some growing areas of concern for these moms as far as their kids and family health is concerned. If you have a product or brand that caters to these inherent fears, then it is a product for these moms to know about. The millennial moms are not blinded by marketing gimmicks and are hungry for information. The best way for a brand to connect with millennial moms is to feed information through diverse channels, and you are sure to get these moms talking.
  2. Tips & Tricks are always welcome: With the millennial generation came the nuclear family trend, as the younger generation was left to find their own tricks and hacks to improve life for their families and kids. Millennial moms are always looking to connect with brands that help them with everyday life hacks that are just beyond product selling. For instance, brands that have baby care products are likely to find a better connect with moms through engaging tips related to everyday baby care needs. With more moms striving to care for their little ones all by themselves, the world-wide-internet has become their best friend providing them with all the information they need.
  3. Millennial moms are a sincere lot: Millennial moms are extremely honest and sincere especially when it comes to kids. They can be extremely blunt when it comes to sharing a feedback on a bad experience with a brand. At the same time, they can also be highly vocal when it comes to showing their affinity towards a certain brand or a product. These moms live in digital communities with other fellow moms with whom they share their everyday experiences. Brands are constantly trying to find the right chords to make these moms their brand advocates through which they would talk and share about the brand with their group of other moms.
  4. Technology is the biggest boon for a Millennial Mom: From understanding, what your body is going through in every stage of pregnancy; to tracking your baby’s milestones, to finding engaging kids activities online; millennial moms are highly dependent on technology. Having said this, they are also extremely weary of what is technology that they are using frequently. Building user friendly interfaces with complete transparency is what connects your technology driven apps and websites with the millennial moms.

Millennials have proved a number of assumptions wrong, and have emerged as a highly intelligent lot, that is driven by utility when it comes to purchase decisions. With millennial moms being at the helm of most buying decisions in a household, marketers need to constantly understand and engage with this target segment. The underlying mantra for marketers to deal with millennial moms is to bring about personalization in their marketing approach. Brand advocacy, Word of Mouth marketing and User Generated Content are some of the key marketing methodologies that marketers are trying to employ for better engagement with this sect of moms. Marketing to millennial moms may seem like a complex science, but it is as simple as identifying their needs, and providing the right solutions for them.


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